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The Worlds Best Pressure Washers from Karcher

Karcher, manufacturer of the leading pressure washers in the industry, offers car wash systems, pressure washers, and more... Welcome to Karcher Parts US. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest caliber of service and support for your Karcher Pressure Washing Systems, Karcher Commercial Car Washes, and Karcher Steam cleaning or hot water pressure wash systems.

Kärcher History
The Kärcher story dates back to the 1930s and includes the invention of the first hot water pressure washer in 1950. Today, Kärcher is the only brand of pressure washer in North America that offers a full complement of high-pressure cleansing equipment for commercial, residential, medical, industrial, and marine uses. The Kärcher pressure washing cleaning design and technology of European decent married to North American resourceful ruggedness. Kärcher's commercial-duty pressure washers are #1 in North America for a reason. As a result, a Kärcher pressure washer is purchased somewhere on our planet every six seconds.

Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washers
Karcher is the original inventor of the commercial cold water Pressure Washer. Over time, the invention was improved relentlessly, and the result is the hot water, steam, and high pressure washers available today. Choose from trailer mounted, skid mounted, or permanently installed commercial pressure washer systems. Available, shipped nationwide, from USA Karcher.
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Karcher Commercial Car Washes
the difference between karcher automatic car washs and your neighborhood car wash.
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Available from Comtec Car Wash Systems.
With decades of experience, hundreds of Commercial car washes in profitable operation, and the best equipment, Karcher, Comtec Wash systems is the leader in Commercial Car Wash installations in the United States. When you are finally tired of paying your neighbor to spray the dirt on your car, Comtec Car Wash systems is ready to build the highest quality Car Wash, on time, on budget, and with the expertise you require to do this right the first time.
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